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There are many people out there who refer to themselves as a “Jack of all Trades.” Telley Madina is more like a king of all trades, bringing innate skill to every endeavor he undertakes. With a wellspring of talent feeding his roles as strategist, businessman and lobbyist he could use his skills for his own self-enrichment, but instead he has devoted his expertise to others. Whether it’s close to home in his beloved 7th Ward of New Orleans, across the state of Louisiana or wherever disenfranchisement tarnishes the American dream, he is there to advocate for the people.

Born and raised in the 7th Ward and educated in its public schools, Madina worked hard to pursue higher education at Loyola University. While he would gain an incredible education on his way to graduation, his most important lesson of his college years would come during routine police stop. Drawn into the world of politics by the encounter, he would be elected Loyola University of New Orleans’ SGA Vice-President and his thirst for helping people would follow him beyond graduation.

His 20 years in politics would see him helping develop policy and lobbying for the underserved. Putting his talents behind change makers who shared his ideals, he worked on over 100 political campaigns for Presidents, United States Senators, United States Congressmen, State Representatives, Judges, Councilmembers, Mayors, Constables and Sheriffs in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Indiana and California.

While advocating for positive change in politics, he was also able to create some of his own in the private sector. He has represented the interests of the Louisiana Oystermen Association following the BP Oil Disaster to advocate for minority fishing communities across the Gulf of Mexico within governmental agencies, Congressional and Senate offices. He has served as the Senior Gulf Coast Policy Officer for Oxfam America, an International Non-Governmental Organization, concerned with sustainability of impoverished people, communities of color and women in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. And his efforts in workforce development had tremendous impacts on communities around the country.

Today he leads The Madina Group, a multi-disciplinary lobbying and project management firm serving clients with interests throughout the United States. The Madina Group offers a complete suite of services ranging from governmental strategies to special project management in Aviation/Aerospace, Information Technology, Public Health, Agriculture, the Environment, Construction and Transportation.

Telley is a noted speaker, including serving as an annual lecturer for the Loyola Institute of Politics and educating voters and aspiring electorates for the Democratic National Convention. Hand in hand with his business acumen is his tireless philanthropy. He has is proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and he is a recipient of the Espirit De Fraternite’ Award and Gambit’s 40 Under 40 People to Watch

Areas of Expertise

Collaborates with workforce authorities, including the Louisiana Workforce Commission, to provide consulting and management services relative to Coastal, Restoration, and Conservation workforce solutions relative local and federal legislation.

Over the last 20 years Telley has cultivated and managed hundreds of relationships with candidates for Presidents of the United States, Vice Presidents of the United States,United States Senators, United States Congressmen, State Representatives, Judges,Councilmen and-women, Mayors, Constables and Sheriffs.

While he has established himself as political strategist, he has built a solid reputation asa business leader.Highlights of his experience include representing the interests of theLouisiana Oystermen Association following the BP Oil Disaster to advocate for minority fishing communities across the Gulf of Mexico and serving as the Senior Gulf CoastPolicy Officer for Oxfam America for the sustainability of impoverished people, communities of color and women and leading the engagement of minority communities for COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

Telley Madina is a man of the people that has dedicated his life and career to working on behalf of the people and places that matter most to him, his beloved 7th Ward, the City of New Orleans, the State of Louisiana and disenfranchised communities across America.

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